Note: The Opencart content is outdated as I no longer work with it, but the tutorials will remain here as they might be helpful for someone.

Opencart is one of the most popular platforms online shops. It offers full back office functionalities and great admin panel that save time, save hassle and lets shop owners capitalize on the management experience. As a  shop owner you will be  able to add and edit products divided by categories and manufacturers, to insert promotions, discounts or options for colors and sizes.  Opencart is coming with a plenty of payment and shipping methods that will allow you to reach new customers from all around the globe while the in-built newsletter form and detail order information will allow you to keep touch with your customer base and are always handy  for anyone that needs to sell online.

Opencart offers great experience for both the customer  and the online shop owner/administrator but it is also a favorite of the web developer.  The basic functionality of Opencart is well through through and there are lots of extensions which will help you add new features or design changes without any code. Of course many projects need custom coding and this is what we  are gonna talk about!



Tutorial 1: OpenCart understanding

Posted on May 4th, 2012 - By IvDimova - 4 Comments

Hi, this is my first tutorial about OpenCart and it will be followed by many others, I hope. I will try to present the most interesting problems that…

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How to add custom fields in OpenCart?

Posted on May 6th, 2012 - By IvDimova - 6 Comments

Today we will find out how to add a new field in our OpenCart Admin. Sometimes, according to the project, we need new fields to be added - new…

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