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Few days ago I uploaded a new plugin at repo. It is called AZ-Order and allows you to display your posts in alphabetical order with a simple shortcode [azsampcode] (I will change this shortcode to [azorder] in the next version) There is also a plugin settings page where you can specify custom post type which you want to display. As I explained in the plugin’s description you must be sure that your database is using the right collation for your language, otherwise there is a chance for errors and wrong letters order.

Below is posted a screenshot of example how it is working on my personal blog, you can see that the latin and cyrillic alphabets are ordered one after other in that case.


Here is a link to AZ-Order plugin in

Hope that this can be useful for some of you!

Please let me know if you have an idea for new features that I can add. For now  I am planning to create settings option for user to choose a category or tag and also some css to display the letter menu more accurate.


WordPress is my passion and love! Started as a blog system it turns in a really powerful CMS to allow us create professional, functional and really good looking web sites. WordPress also offers us a great community to help us, to develop amazing plugins and themes and to create a new better versions with more and more features. I have worked with different frameworks based on WordPress, created and customized themes and plugins so if my experience can help - you are welcome!

15 thoughts on “AZ-Order

  1. Dee

    Thank you for making this plugin. Being a newbie, I’m not quite sure how to use it properly.

    I need posts from one of my categories to appear in the A to Z order. So, should i type “mycategoryname” in the post type in the AtoZ admin page?

    Appreciate your time!

    1. cleo Post author

      This option is still not available but I am planning to commit the new version tomorrow with option for this. If you still have no solution you can check for the update.
      Hope that this helps!

  2. brett

    so i am trying to use this as well. i got thrown into the position to maintain our company’s website and i know just the VERY BASICS. i contacted the “web team” that set up our site and they also can not figure out how to use this.

    below is a link to a page/ catagory that i would need to use this plugin and i can not figure out how to make it work.

    any help would be great


  3. cleo Post author

    You can’t sort the category archive page with the plugin, you can do that on a page created for that purpose where you need to add a short code like that: [az-order].

  4. cleo Post author

    You mean to work on the category archive page? I suggest your web team to just create a new category template and list there the posts the way that you need. Good luck!

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